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Gail Meili

Gail has an in-depth understanding of the market, both past and present, and is an expert in coordinating the numerous and varied elements essential for a successful transaction. Accustomed to hard work, she always goes the extra mile for her clients. Having overcome many market ups and downs, she has a vast reservoir of experience to draw upon and is particularly skilled at providing advice and support to buyers and sellers navigating the market. As a former equestrian, she is also highly experienced and is the go-to regional broker for farmettes and agricultural properties. Gail has won numerous awards as a leading broker and, after working for many banners throughout her career, she has built an impressive network that has earned her an excellent reputation among her colleagues and clients.

About me

Gary Bosch

Gary is widely acknowledged as a skilled professional within both his clientele and professional circles. With a wealth of expertise and a profound understanding of construction, he possesses exceptional negotiation skills that extend across various real estate offerings, ranging from single-family residences to condominiums and land. Having been raised in the Netherlands before embarking on a very successful first stint in advertising, Gary returned to his roots, utilizing his acquired marketing acumen and business talents to the advantage of his clients. With over three decades of experience in the real estate industry, Gary has consistently excelled as a producer, fostering enduring relationships within the real estate community. His unwavering commitment is evident in his dedication to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for his clients throughout the buying and selling process.

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